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Bus Routes and Times 


Red Route (Okee area)

Lucky’s on the Lake   7:35 AM/11:25 AM 

PVCC 7:42 AM/11:15 AM

TLC Primary School 11:08 AM 


Purple Route  (Daycares)

TLC Interstate  7:30 AM/11:20 AM 

Sunshine Playhouse 7:40 AM/11:10 AM 

McKenna No pick up/11:06 AM


Orange Route (Dane area)

Dane Fire 7:27 AM/11:25 AM

Elementary School 7:38 AM/11:15 AM

Kiddie Korner  7:44 AM/11:10 AM


Green Route (Dane area)

South/West   7:29AM/11:24 AM

Capital/Snyder  7:33 AM/11:27 AM  

Stronach   7:41 AM/11:33 AM


Blue Route (Harmony Grove)

Airport/Kalscheur Park 7:15 AM 11:25 AM

Cross/Lake Point  7:20 AM/11:30 AM

Lake View& N Lake Point 7:23 AM/11:35 AM

Arbor Valley & N Lake Point  7:25 AM/11:43 AM

County V & Corning 7:27 AM/11:43 AM

Schroeder Daycare   7:34AM/11:50 AM


Yellow route (Okee/Harmony Grove)

Lucky’s on the Lake  1:00PM

Hwy V & Corning 1:33 PM


Pink Route

TLC Primary Building  1:05 PM

Kiddie Korner, Seminary St 1:15 PM

Elementary School shuttle  1:20 PM

Sunshine Playhouse  1:23 PM

Capital & Snyder  1:45 PM


Summer School dates

Session 1 June 14th - July 1st

Monday - Thursday

High school 7:55am - 10:55am 

High School PM Class 11:30am - 1:00pm 

Primary School 7:50am - 10:50am

Week Break July 5th - July 9th 

BFS Still Running this Week. 

Session 2 July 12th - July 29th

Monday -Thursdays 

High school 7:55am - 10:55am 

Primary School 7:50am - 10:50am

Questions Please Contact 
Emma Neumaier

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Emma Neumaier
Administrative Assistant
Summer School

During Summer School contact
608.592.3853 ext. 4400

Attendance for Summer School
608.592.3853 ext. 4400