Student Health Services

Welcome to the student health services page.  The School District of Lodi employs a full time nurse, Jean Winter and a part time nurse, Rodney Barrow, to address the health care needs of the students in our district. If your child has a health care need please contact Jean Winter or the administrative assistant in building your student is enrolled in. The office staff in our buildings are a valuable asset to our student health services team and will convey concerns to the school nurse. Our nurse's have office hours in each building. If you would like to meet with the nurse to discuss student health concerns, please feel free to call and arrange an appointment time.  

You may also fill out a google form to send a message to Jean Winter RN:

Health services the school nurses provide or are involved with:

  • Managing medications your student needs while at school.
  • Involved in developing 504 plans, Individual health care plans (IHP) and individual education plans (IEP).
  • Responding to emergency situations.
  • Coordinating complex care for students with significant medical needs while at school.
  • Provide training for staff regarding medications and health care needs for students while at school. 
  • Serves as a health resource for school staff.
  • Partners in vision and hearing screenings.
  • Manages student immunization requirements for schools per Wisconsin state laws.
  • Collaborating with community healthcare partners in the care of our students.
  • Provides health education and health promotion within our school community.

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Contact Us

Jean Winter
District Nurse

608.592.3855 ext.1004 (Primary)
608.592.3842 ext. 2103 (LES/OSC)
608-592-385ext 3484(MS)
608.592-3853 ext. 4484 (HS)
608.438-3100 (cell)

Rodney Barrow

608.592.3800 ext.1004(Primary)
608.592.3842 ext.2103 (LES/OSC)

Tiffany Loken
Director of Student Services