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Curriculum & Instruction

Dr. Nicholas Karls
Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Jill Lincoln                          Administrative Assistant              608-592-3851

District Curriculum council 

Language Arts - Alyse Kearney

Math - Kristi Paskey

Career & Tech Education - Connor Anderson

World Languages - Jim McKellar

Art - Whitney Robarge

Library Media - Paula Tonn 

Music - Kathryn MacRae

Physical Education/Health - Michelle Puls

Science - Michelle Howe

Social Studies - Kelsie Barlow 

District K-12 Content Area Teams  

Student learning is the core of our school district.

Learning requires curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
Curriculum defines "What" will be learned.
Instruction defines "How" it will be learned.
Assessment defines "How Well" it was learned.