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Board of Education

Anyone wishing to provide public input may complete a public input form available by clicking on the following link:

Public Input Participation form

or by requesting that the form be emailed or mailed to their address.  The form will require the individual’s name and telephone number. 

Anyone filling the form out will receive a phone call from the school board to provide their input.  Any telephone calls to provide public input will be answered on a speaker phone in the Board Room, so all the Board members and anyone viewing the meeting in the public viewing rooms will be able to hear the remarks of those addressing the Board.  The Board will follow its Policies 187 and 187.1, and will generally enforce the time limit of five minutes per speaker. 

Individuals who wish to provide public input may attend the meeting in the public viewing area at the High School and provide their input by calling 608-592-1048 in Room #2120. 

The new Student Representative being sworn in to the Board of Education


School District of Lodi Board of Education regular meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each
month at 6:30 p.m. (Closed Session at 5:30 p.m.)
At the District Office Board Meeting Room at 115 School Street, Lodi, WI 53555



Board AGENDAS/Minutes

Agendas and minutes for all Board meetings and Committee meetings are available on BoardDocs

Regular Meeting 5:30pm  
Public Notice 5:00pm 6/2/20
Contract Review Committee 4:30pm  
Curriculum Committee 4:30pm  
Facility/Finance Committee 4:30pm 6/3/20
Ouisconsing School Governing Board 6:30pm  
Ouisconsing School Fundraiser Committee 6:30pm  
Policy Committee 6:00pm  

Board of Education Committees

School Board Members

H. Adam Steinberg
Term expires 2023

 Angela Lathrop
Vice President
Term expires 2021

School Board Member Steven Ricks

Steven Ricks
Term expires 2021

Julie McKiernan
Term expires 2022

Board Member Barb Beyer

Barb Beyer
Term expires 2023

Michelle Pare
Term expires 2021

William Wipperfurth
Term expires 2022