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All regular board meetings will broadcast on Youtube.

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There has been a lot of interest in the District of Lodi's upcoming Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, August 19.  The open part of the Board meeting starts at 6:00 pm. Due to the restrictions on the size of indoor gatherings set by the State Department of Health, attendance at the Board of Education meeting will be restricted to Board members and administrators. The Board meeting will be streamed live on YouTube so people have the opportunity to tune in and watch the entire meeting. This can be done at the following link

PUBLIC INPUT:  Because the board is interested in hearing public input at all School Board meetings, we have set up three ways in which people can do this, that still allow us to follow the State Health Department restrictions on meeting size. People can ask to speak:

1. virtually via Google Meet
2. via the telephone
3. in person.

Public input will be limited to three minutes to give everyone a chance to speak.  And all three methods of input will require people to sign up on this form in advance of the meeting.

The Board will attempt to call people in the order that they sign up to speak.

1. People who wish to use Google Meet to give public input can join by clicking on this link.

2. People who wish to give input via phone will be called when it is their turn to give input.

3. People who are in person will have to wait outside of the district office until it is his/her turn to speak.  The person will be invited in, be allowed to give his or her input, and then will need to leave the Board room.  Anyone joining in person will be required to have a mask to enter the district office and School Board meeting. Please practice social distancing while waiting to speak.

Because we expect a large number of people to attend this meeting virtually, following the public input portion of the agenda, those who have joined the meeting using Google Meet will be asked to leave Google Meet and watch the remainder of the Board meeting on YouTube at the link listed above.

The following protocols will also be in place for those using Google Meet:

  • Mute your microphone if it is not your turn to give input.
  • The chat feature of Google Meet should not be used. 
  • Information in the chat will not be used for public input, will not be saved, and will not be shared with the Board.  



The new Student Representative being sworn in to the Board of Education


School District of Lodi Board of Education regular meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each
month at 6:30 p.m. (Closed Session at 5:30 p.m.)
At the District Office Board Meeting Room at 115 School Street, Lodi, WI 53555



Board AGENDAS/Minutes

Agendas and minutes for all Board meetings and Committee meetings are available on BoardDocs

Regular Meeting 5:30pm  
Special Board Meeting 7:00pm  
Contract Review Committee 4:30pm 9/23/20
Curriculum Committee 4:30pm  
Facility/Finance Committee 4:30pm  
Ouisconsing School Governing Board 6:30pm 9/23/20
Ouisconsing School Fundraiser Committee 6:30pm  
Policy Committee 6:00pm  

Board Policies and Procedures

All school district policies and procedures are available on BoardDocs


School Board Meeting 2/10/20
School Board Meeting 4/13/20
School Board Meeting 5/11/20 Public Hearing
School Board Meeting 5/11/20 Regular Meeting
School Board Meeting 6/8/20 Regular Meeting
School Board Meeting 7/13/20 Regular Meeting

Recordings of School Board Meetings from July 29, 2020
through current meetings can viewed at the following link:

School Board Meeting Recordings

Board of Education Committees

School Board Members

H. Adam Steinberg
Term expires 2023

 Angela Lathrop
Vice President
Term expires 2021

School Board Member Steven Ricks

Steven Ricks
Term expires 2021

Julie McKiernan
Term expires 2022

Board Member Barb Beyer

Barb Beyer
Term expires 2023

Michelle Pare
Term expires 2021

William Wipperfurth
Term expires 2022