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Lodi Strategic Plan

community working together to give their input
community working together to give their input
Community working together
community working together
working together
Strategic Planning

Pillars I & II February 12, 2024

STRATEGIC PLAN BALANCED SCORECARDS (Tracking Continuous Improvement)

Strategic Planning

On May 25, 2021 and June 2, 2021 over 100 community members, parents, students, business leaders, city officials, and school staff gathered at the Conversations for our Future event  to discuss strategies that will help share the future of education in the School District of Lodi.  The purpose of this event was to engage all stakeholders in a process that would inform the development of a mission statement for the School District of Lodi and guide the school district’s decision making for the next five years.


Strategic Plan

Officially Adopted by the Board of Education on July 12, 2021


What was the Conversation for our Future Event

An event held to share the future of education in the School District of Lodi.  This two night event, developed by the community Vision Element Study Team, involved community members, parents, students, teachers, support staff members, business, government, senior citizens, and other stakeholders in sharing important ideas on the future of our school district and community.  

Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning
Strategic planning
Strategic planning
Strategic planning
Strategic planning

What is a Vision Elements Study Team (VEST)

This group of community members designed and facilitated the Conversation for our Future Events, analyzed the themes that arose from these events, and developed the mission statement and strategic plan based on these themes.  Team members were specifically selected to represent a cross-section of the community

VEST group
VEST group


 VEST Committee Members:
Skye Baron
Joel Crane
Ann Groves Lloyd
Heather Hatley
Justin Johnson
Geoff Lorenz
Jennifer Morgan
Tyler Potter
Nicholas Prosek
Mandy Sitzman
H. Adam Steinberg
Mary Wilkes
Rachel Wipperfurth

Brad Saron ~ Facilitator

Different aspects of VEST Committee
VEST group
VEST group


Board Presentation Developed by Vision Elements Study Team

The Vision Elements Study Team developed the following presentation which was shared with the Board of Education at their regularly scheduled July meeting in 2021.


Conversation for our Future Activities and Data

Participants in the Conversation for our Future events participated in following activities:

  • Mads, Glads, Sads
    • Recently, what has upset you? Made you proud? What had disappointed you?
  • Focus on the Past - Historical Timeline of Lodi
    • What was happening in Lodi? The World,? When and why did you come to Lodi?
  • Focus on the Present - Brag, Worry, Wonder, Bet
    • When I brag about the SDL, I brag about...; When I worry about the SDL, I worry about...; When I wonder about the SDL, I wonder about...; If I bet on the SDL, I would bet on...
  • Student Video
    • What will our school look like in the future?
    • What do you want to do when you are older?
  • Focus on our future
    • The year is 2026. In the present tense, describe how has the School District of Lodi transformed to prepare kids to be successful?