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District Report Card
As part of the state accountability system, the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) produces report cards for every publicly funded school and district in Wisconsin. These Accountability Report Cards include data on multiple indicators for multiple years across four Priority Areas (Student Achievement, Growth, Closing Gaps, and On-track and Post-secondary Success). In addition, given the impact on student success, the Accountability Report Cards also measure chronic absenteeism and dropout rates. A school or district's Overall Accountability Score places the school/district into one of five Overall Accountability Ratings.

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District Report Card
Lodi High School Report Card
Lodi Middle School Report Card
Lodi Elementary School Report Card
Ouisconsing School of Collaboration Report Card
Lodi Primary School Report Card

DPI School Performance Report
The data in the School Performance Report provides information on a variety of  aspects of the district from indicators of student achievement to staffing ratios and district costs. In each case, the district totals include a percent which can be easily compared to state totals and percents as well as to other districts in our athletic conference. It is helpful to consider the percent when reviewing any of the areas, but especially in the areas of student achievement and the percentage of students tested.

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Annual Parent/Guardian Notification
Per State of Wisconsin the district is required to inform, in writing, all of our parents and guardians of the school options available to them and the most recent district/school report card information.

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