School Nursing

Each building has a CORE team of individuals who have been trained in CPR, First aide and the use of AED (Automatic External Defibrillators). This team can be called in case of an emergency and will be the first responders prior to an ambulance arriving.

If your child is experiencing medical problems please call the school nurse as we are there to assist you and your student.  

Nursing Notes

Information on Influenza vs Cold

Zika Newsletter

Measles Letter from School Nurse
Measle Fact Sheet (English)
Measles Fact Sheet (Spanish)

Vaccinate Before You Graduate

Allergies - Healthy Snack Alternatives
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Parents you can download your child's immunization records from

Wisconsin Immunization Registry:


Go down to Public immunization access

Enter your students name and birthdate and social security number and the page will display with all immunizations they have received in the State of Wisconsin.

This is a easy and quick way to be able to print out an immunization record for your college applications, or updates if you’ve changed doctors.

If your student’s immunizations didn’t take place in Wisconsin, and you have misplaced your record, you can call Terry Haag RN School Nurse or e-mail me to see about getting a copy of immunizations we have on file at school.

                               Thanks School Nurse Terry Haag RN



The H1N1 vaccine is now combined with the seasonal flu shot. If you want your student immunizes contact your physician or county public health nurse.

Whooping Cough
How to Stay Healthy
Head Lice - Prevention and Treatment (9/09)


When to Keep Your Child at Home
Health Room Visits and Treatment Sheets
Head Lice Information Sheet
Vision and Hearing Screening
Immunization Requirements
Medication/Request Consent Form
Meningococcal Disease Immunizations
Drug Abuse Information
Vaccinate Before You Graduate
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  • School District of Lodi
  • 115 School Street
  • Lodi, WI 53555
  • Phone: 608-592-3851
  • Fax: 608-592-3852
  • School District of Lodi
  • 115 School Street
  • Lodi, WI 53555
  • Phone: 608-592-3851
  • Fax: 608-592-3852