Student Registration and Enrollment

Welcome to the School District of Lodi! 

There are many questions families may have as they move into a new community or are considering a move.  The School District of Lodi offers quality educational programming for students in grades 4K to 12.

Who is eligible to attend?
In accordance with the School District of Lodi Admissions Policy, any child who meets the entrance age requirements and resides within the boundaries of the district shall be admitted to attend school in the district.  Any child who lives outside of the district boundaries may apply to attend the Lodi School District through Open Enrollment and shall be admitted to the district consistent with the established district policies and legal requirements.  You may find your school district affiliation by going to:  Columbia County Ascent Land Records Suite or the Access Dane Parcel Search.  Once you find your current address you will look under "Regular School", this will tell you what district the address is located in.

What is needed to enroll?
1.  Proof of residency  (i.e., utility bill, signed lease agreement, or signed accepted offer to purchase);
2.  Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, or Current Passport
(needed for verification of birth date and formal legal name);
     (For information on how to request a birth certificate, please go to: How do I request copies of birth certificates?
     or contact the Wisconsin Department of Health Services at 608-266-1371.
3.  All registration forms listed below completed, signed and dated.

Request for Student Records
Request for Records Form

Request for Records Form - Spanish

Immunization Record
You may acquire electronic copy of your child's(ren's) immunication record from your medical MyChart account, your physician or the Wisconsin Immunization Registry.

The School District of Lodi Staff welcome the opportunity to provide your child(ren) with a positive educational experience.  If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact Kris Wendorf, District Registrar, at 608-592-1053 or by email at   

To register your student(s) please print, complete and bring with you the following Student Enrollment Packet  (There are forms that  need to be completed for each student registering.) 

NEW Student Enrollment Packet  - All Forms Listed Below

Included in the NEW Student Enrollment Packet:

Formularios de inscripción de estudiantes en españo


Individual School Registration Packets 2016-2017

Picture Information 2016-2017

Individual School Parent/Student Handbooks 2016-2017:

  • School District of Lodi
  • 115 School Street
  • Lodi, WI 53555
  • Phone: 608-592-3851
  • Fax: 608-592-3852
  • School District of Lodi
  • 115 School Street
  • Lodi, WI 53555
  • Phone: 608-592-3851
  • Fax: 608-592-3852